English – German
Expert Translations in Innsbruck

I exclusively translate into my mother tongue German.
I use Terminology Management Tools and Translation Memory Systems which ensure individual treatment for each of my customers and increased efficiency, leading to cost-savings.

I will translate for you, inter alia:

Software, contracts, internet pages, correspondence, patents, tenders, expertises, documentation, scientific papers, references, text- & reference books, legal texts (academic certificates, acquisition contracts, advertising contracts, annual reports, application documents, applications, appraisals, articles of association, auditor reports, balance sheets, birth certificates, business contracts, business correspondence, certificates, certificates of no impediment, commercial contracts, company register excerpts, conference proceedings, cost estimates, court orders, curriculum vitae, damage reports, data protection terms, death certificates, delivery contracts, diploma examination certificate, divorce decrees, driver's licenses, due diligence reports, framework contracts, general terms and conditions, general terms of purchase, gift contracts, guarantees, high-school examination certificates, hotel contracts, insurance contracts, investment fund prospectuses, invitations to bid, IT contracts, judgements, land register excerpts, licensing contracts, loan agreements, marketing brochures, marriage certificates, memorandum of association, minutes, monthly reports, non-disclosure statements, patent specifications, police clearance certificates, policies, powers of attorney, press releases, project presentations, proof of citizenship, property contracts, proposals, offers, published patent applications, purchase contracts, real estate contracts, references, register excerpts, rental contracts, resolutions, securities, service contracts, software contracts, tax assessments, terms of use, university certificates, utility patents, wills), scripts & screenplays, catalogues, technical reports, advertising copy etc.

All your documents are treated with the utmost confidence as a matter of course.

Website localization

Visitors to a website are much more likely to read it if it is written in their mother tongue than if they are confronted by a foreign language.

I would be pleased to translate your website from English into German and adapt the text to the linguistic and cultural standards of the target audience.

The process of translating a website:

  • You provide the source text / web contents as a Word file and request a non-binding offer.

  • You like our offer and place the order.

  • I will prepare and proofread the translation, which is then e-mailed to you as per the agreed time schedule.


I generally give you a quotation based on the number of words.

The price will take into account the following criteria:

 Type of text (specialised or general)
 Length (very short or very long)
 Source and target language/s
 Purpose (e.g. for publication)
 Delivery time
 Additional services (preparation, post-processing, conversion, desk-top publishing etc.)


I set minimum charges for small jobs (up to approx 20 lines).

Please do not hesitate to contact me:

Daniela Innerhofer MA

  • Founder and Managing Director of INNERHOFER SPRACHEN
  • Qualified translator - French and Spanish
  • Official French translator (Federal Police Authority in Innsbruck, Austria)
  • Has studied and lived in France and Spain
  • Extensive experience in the translation industry (translations for translation agencies in Austria and abroad and for direct clients from English, French and Spanish into German).
  • Member of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce


  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Administration
  • Translation from English, French and Spanish into German
  • Interpreting: French – German – French

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